General Dentistry

We recommend reserving an appointment for routine dental exams AT LEAST every six months. During these visits, we will focus on evaluating your overall wellness and oral health, making sure your smile looks magnificent when you leave! Dr. Leon crafts every treatment plan for each patient, so no two general visits will ever be the same!
Dr. Traci Leon with the iTero™ Scanner

Restorative Dentistry

Every smile has a full potential. If you feel like yours could improve, Dr. Leon has a wide range of treatments to bring your teeth back to a healthier, more beautiful place. From restoring implants to placing porcelain bridges, crowns, and veneers, Lakeside Family Dentistry has a reasonable solution to help your smile reach its true potential.
Dr. Traci Leon with the Deka Laser

Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile is just like a work of art. Not only do magnificent teeth make a great first impression, but they also create unique self-confidence that can improve your everyday life! There is no single solution to making a smile a masterpiece. Dr. Leon offers a wide array of custom cosmetic dental services that will always produce beautiful results!
Dr. Traci Leon with a cosmetic dental client.

Emergency Dentistry

Getting the dental care you need when you need it can mean the difference between losing your tooth—or saving it. Dental emergencies happen, and we understand that they don’t always occur during regular business hours. Whatever dental emergency you might be dealing with, contact our office immediately. Dr. Leon is here to ensure you get the treatment you need. In the event you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or seek care at the nearest emergency facility.
General Dentistry with Dr. Traci Leon

Oral Surgery

The primary reason Lakeside Family Dentistry retains so many of its patients is that Dr. Leon has earned their trust . She has accomplished this by communicating closely with each person and only treating dental needs when necessary. Customized care is a core value of Dr. Leon’s, and she sincerely believes in doing what is best for her patients. Her philosophy has always been to take a conservative approach until the need to become proactive with dental care arises. Rest assured that Dr. Leon will only recommend oral surgery if you need it!
Dr. Traci Leon


Implants are quickly becoming the most common way to restore missing teeth. Dr. Leon collaborates closely with a trusted local oral surgeon to develop a plan to produce the best possible outcome. Dr. Leon and the Oral Surgeon will continue to communicate and work together from the placement of the implant through the healing process, shaping, and restoration. This two-step process provides a natural-looking tooth and is the best long-term way to restore your smile.
Dr. Traci Leon with a restorative dentistry model.
Lakeside Family Dentistry